Chuck’s Maple-Bacon Waffle Sammich!

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You know, I simply decided to make something fun, like I’d made in college.

First, I called some friends. There ain’t no way I can finish this myself these days.

I picked up a couple waffles on the way home wrapped in foil. If you got yourself a home waffle machine, just do it at home, but I don’t. Picked up some whip cream, whatever berries looked fresh, and already had the maple syrup, bacon, and the Chocolate Good Luck Chuck at home.

Have your friends cut the fruit and whip that cream. Leave the bacon to your own self to do right. No one likes undercooked bacon. Once your cream is whipped enough to stand by itself, mix the cut berries in.

Cut the bacon when cooked and mix into about 1/2 cup maple syrup.

I took about a half jar of Chocolate Chuck and heated it in the microwave for about 1:30 minutes. Remember, it’s hot. Damn near burned myself. Mix it up a bit.

I toasted the waffles once more to crisp em up.

Lay the base waffle down and lather on the fruit and whip cream. Smear that Chuck on the top waffle and get it on top of the other to complete your Sammich.

Now, spill that Bacon Maple Syrup and just go to town atop your sammich! Cut, call your homies, go to town.

You’re welcome:)