Get Chucked

Who is Chuck
Chuck is a dad I’d met many years ago back in South Florida. He was down on his luck, stuck in the rain, pushing a stroller, carrying his crying daughter, and walking down a busy road. Somebody had to do something. I’m just a dad seeing another dad go through some hard time, so that somebody was me. After getting Chuck and his baby girl out of the rain and into the car, I’d dropped them off at their home and we exchanged numbers. “Good Luck Chuck” was his name in my phone. Obviously, I’d brought a little luck into his world that day, but he certainly introduced a heap of perspective to my world.

Chuck and I still keep in touch and his luck is on the up and up. We still talk ever so often and text each other for Father’s Day and the holiday’s.

Look, I’m a dad making good food for friends and family. Good Luck Chuck Sunflower Seed Butter is for all the dads like Chuck, moms like Chuck, kids like Chuck, heck, all people like Chuck who could take a bit more Luck into their lives. Who doesn’t want a bit more Luck?

-Aaron (Good Luck Chuck founder)


Chuck’s sharing with you his Good Luck Chuck Sunflower Seed Butters to bring nutrient rich foods to all of us. We work hard, we do right things, we care for our families, but sometimes even after all our hard work, we can get knocked down. If Chuck can offer even a smidgen of Good Luck to you and/or your family with his “Great for You” foods, then we’ve done our part. 

And remember, Chuck’s got your back.